Celebration fizz - how do you ‘pop’ a cork?

When it comes to opening the bubbly, are you more of a ‘Cowell’ than a ‘Willoughby’?
Avoidant popper - large

When it comes to the all-important cork popping on a bottle of bubbly with friends and family, whether it’s Prosecco or sparkling Shloer Celebration for all the non-drinkers out there, what’s your style and what does it say about you? Are you a dominant ‘Cowell’ kind of guy or more of a ‘Willoughby - “I’ll pass it to Phil”’ type of popper?

We have teamed up with body language expert and behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings, to identify the key ‘popping personality types’ that will be revealing themselves with every pop of a cork on bottles of sparkling Celebration – in homes and on the celebrity circuit across the UK.

The body language research from Shloer and Jo has identified six distinct behavioural and celebrity types when it comes to popping open a bottle of fizz, but which one are you?

Take the Shloer quiz to find out: