Host a Sparkling Baby Shower


Baby showers were historically an American tradition; however they are quickly gaining in popularity in the UK. A recent poll revealed that 53% of expectant mums would like to have one if someone else organised it. The study also showed that 87% of UK mums who had a baby shower think they are a brilliant idea. (source: BabyWorld).

To help friends and relatives get in on the baby shower trend, Shloer, the sparkling juice drink of choice for families across the UK, offers top tips on how to host a sparkling baby shower:

Shloer’s tips for a sparkling baby shower!

  • Remember how busy new mums are and send sparkling invitations about 3-4 weeks in advance
  • Shloer is the sparkling juice drink to serve, available in 7 delicious flavours, so there is a flavour for everyone – perfect for this kind of event!
  • Schedule the shower at least 4 to 6 weeks before the baby is due to arrive
  • Pick a sparkling theme for the baby shower based on the expectant mum’s personality
  • Plan games with all the attendees to make it more of a social gathering everyone has contributed to. There are some fantastic ideas for games available here from
  • Remember to have various baby shower party favours and sparkling decorations for the venue. There are some great ideas, such as personalised cookies, available here at Make it an occasion to remember!
  • Appoint someone to write down who gave what gifts so that the mum-to-be will not have to remember who to send the thank-you cards to