Our Range

When you want to be the perfect host but still enjoy the party, Shloer’s the bubbly sidekick that always brings the sparkle, come rain or shine.

Enjoyed by generations of family and friends for over 80 years, it’s still based on the same great recipe first created back in 1935, with no preservatives or artificial colourings.

We know that a party’s not a party unless chins are wagging and taste-buds are being tantalised. Fortunately, Shloer’s perfect for both. All we need to have a good time are the finest real fruit juices… the not-so-secret ingredient in every bottle. So whatever the occasion, you can count on Shloer to make it a sparkling success.

Pressure off, volume up, party started!


  1. Shloer is alcohol-free, gluten-free, halal-approved, vegan-friendly, suitable for vegetarians… in short, pretty much everybody’s invited to the party.

  2. Abso-positivi-lutely. Every single flavour.

  3. No nuts. No sesame seeds. So sip, slurp, or glug away.

  4. Yep!

  5. Medical advice isn’t our strong suit, so we’d recommend taking the nutritional information (found in the Our Range section above) to your doctor or dietician, so they can advise you accordingly. However, we can tell you that due to the high fruit juice content in our drinks, the majority of the sugar in Shloer is fructose. Hope that helps.

  6. On the back label of all our bottles, you’ll be able to track down the calories. But to save you the bother, here’s a handy list of them all!

    Pink Bubbly 44 cals per 100ml

    White Bubbly 43 cals per 100ml

    Red Grape 21 cals per 100ml

    Rosé 21 cals per 100ml

    White Grape 21 cals per 100ml

    Wild Elderflower & Grape 40 cals per 100ml

    Orchard Apple & Grape 41 cals per 100ml

    Tropical Mango & Passion Fruit 22 cals per 100ml

    Light Crisp Cranberry & Raspberry 24 cals per 100ml

    Light Red Grape 22 cals per 100ml

    Light White Grape 22 cals per 100ml

  7. Alongside the ingredients, calories and other useful bits and bobs, you can find the amount of sugar on the back label of all bottles of Shloer. But if you just can’t wait to find out, here they are:

    Pink Bubbly 10.4g per 100ml

    White Bubbly 10.3g per 100ml

    Red Grape 4.8g per 100ml

    Rosé 4.8g per 100ml

    White Grape 4.8g per 100ml

    Wild Elderflower & Grape 9.7g per 100ml

    Orchard Apple & Grape 9.5g per 100ml

    Tropical Mango & Passion Fruit 5.3g per 100ml

    Light Crisp Cranberry & Raspberry 5.5g per 100ml

    Light Red Grape 5.3g per 100ml

    Light White Grape 5.3g per 100ml

  8. None. Nope. Nada. You won’t find any preservatives, flavourings or artificial colours in our drinks, and that’s the way we like it.

  9. It’s a good question. We got our name from Professor Jules Shloer, the clever clogs who created the original Shloer recipe in Switzerland, over 80 years ago.

  10. We have a range of drinks and flavours, so the different labels help make it easier for you to choose the perfect bottle of Shloer.

    Core Range
    Simple and instantly recognisable, our classic range is for those who enjoy the simple taste of real grape juice, it’s the go-to sparkling drink for all occasions – grape stuff!

    Light Range
    These elegant little numbers are lovely and light… this range is the perfect alternative for those who want all the taste with less guilt, a refreshing treat and you don’t have to miss out on Shloer’s delicious sparkle!

    Fruit Fusions
    Vibrant, bright and full of life, our fruity range are bursting with exciting flavour combinations to catch the eye and delight the palate.

    When nothing but a bottle of bubbly will do, Shloer gets its gladrags on: shiny, deliciously sparkling, and superb for any special occasion.

  11. We’re all about the natural ingredients, so the colour of our liquid sometimes varies, depending on the grape harvest. But not to fret, whatever the shade of your Shloer, you know it’s going to taste delicious – just like it always has.

  12. Nip down to any of the big supermarkets: you’ll find it in Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Morrisons, Nisa, the Co-Op and more. Try your local convenience store or pick some up in your regular internet shop.

  13. Drop us a line any time, we’d love to have a chat.